Established in 1950, Baker-Elman has been family owned-and-operated for three generations, Baker-Elman Plumbing is your pipeline for all your plumbing needs.

Baker-Elman Plumbing has been in business for over 76 years and we are able to provide quick and efficient regular and emergency service to all over the Greater Boston. If you need a plumber, we will be there.

Owner David Elman has been in the family business for over forty years.  He is a third generation master plumber with extensive experience in the repairing of older plumbing as well as installations of new fixtures, boilers, water heaters, general maintenance as well as renovations and rehabs.

David’s grandfather, Ruby Fleigelman, was the first generation of plumbers in the family, operating in the Mattapan area for many years. Ruby had four sons and three of them went into the family business. His oldest son , Micky, became part of the business after the war, and after his son Chet joined the family business as well. Years went by, and Chet went out on his own, developing Elman Plumbing Co., Inc. As Elman Plumbing, grew Chet’s other brother Murray joined in the business. Chet’s son, David, started working for a company called Baker Plumbing. Mr. Baker sold his business to Elman Plumbing, thus merging into the Baker-Elman Plumbing Co. Inc. of today. After David’s father passed away, David and Murray became partners. Murray wanted to leave the business, so David and his wife Sheryl took over and made Baker Elman Plumbing Co. Inc what it is today.

In The News

David Elman takes reins of family plumbing business.

David Elman has taken over the management of the 76-year-old family plumbing business known as Baker-Elman Plumbing. We are a very customer service oriented company that spends time with its clients either on the phones or at their homes. Whether it is a small repair to a major renovation or replacement we will spend time helping to sort out the necessary information so that the homeowner feels comfortable with their decision.

As a third generation master plumber, David Elman is grateful to his grandfather, Ruby Fliegelman, his dad, Chet Elman, for creating and maintaining a tradition of courteous and professional service throughout the western and southern suburbs of Boston.

The family tradition began in 1943, when Ruby Fliegelman started his own plumbing business serving the communities of Mattapan and Dorchester. Chet Elman, David’s Dad, following in his father Ruby’s footsteps, started his own plumbing company in Newton

David began his plumbing career working for Baker Plumbing in 1973 at the age of 18. Continuing to grow his business, in 1975, Chet Elman bought out Baker Plumbing and under new ownership the company was and continues to be known as Baker-Elman Plumbing. In 1975 David made the move into the family owned business. Over many years Baker-Elman Plumbing has built up a strong residential customer base.

“We strive to provide our customers with minimal cause for concern with regard to preserving ceilings and walls while repairs are being made,” David Elman said.

Under the new ownership of David Elman, Baker-Elman Plumbing has a fleet of eight trucks ready to serve your plumbing needs, repairs, heaters, boilers and remodeling.