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I was a little envious of the reciprocating saw blade they used in cutting through the cast iron pipe. Blades I have used would not have survived that difficult cut. Also their hand held power snake was a tool that I couldn’t justify buying and was so functional in getting the drain cleared. I learned a lot while visiting with these plumbers during the completion of their work. I provided good lighting and they shared excellent knowledge with an amateur plumber. I selected Baker-Elman Plumbing because their Annie’s List profile indicated an A rating in pricing as well all other categories. I think other users will agree they are fair, reasonable and honest providers of service. Before this work I had never before known of this business. I did my best to not impede their work but I really benefited from the information I got from them in addition to some excellent work.


– Tom[/dt_quote]

Thank you so very much for all of your help and support.We have been very pleased with your work in the past and that is why we used your services again. Thanks so much for your professionalism in helping to bring “heat” to our second floor at 9 Fawn Circle.


– Leland Clarke


Removed a piece of cast iron drain pipe that I was unable to unplug in my kitchen drain then replaced it after insuring the drain was open. I had noted for some time that this rusting piece was the location of previous blockages. Also replaced a section of plastic pipe that was leaking in that same drain line. I have not had to resort to plumbers help during the last 29 years but this was beyond my abilities. Kenny and Chris were professional and efficient in analyzing the problem, arriving at a solution and quickly doing the work to completely resolve the problem. Baker-Elman Plumbing can be proud of these two men.


– Anonymous

Frank was awesome!!!! While we waited for the steam to build up, he taught us about our heating system. He was the most knowledgeable plumber I have ever met about steam heating systems. He was professional, had a great sense of humor, and worked very fast. Also, Tina and Mrs. Elman were great with communications regarding scheduling the job and providing an estimate. I can see why Baker Elman has so many great reviews and will use them for any upcoming needs.


– Pam

Repaired a leaky pipe leading into a radiator on the second floor. I have been told for years by other plumbers that this job would be costly and would need a pipe extended from the first floor to fit the flange. Frank repaired this problem and within an hour had it tested and functional.


– Anonymous

I called Baker Elman with a shower problem to have them come to the house and fix it. They were able to diagnose problem over the phone and I wasn’t charged anything. In the past I’ve also had them come out to the house to do work which has always been first-rate. Best plumbers around. They’re the best. They were able to diagnose problem over the phone so they didn’t have to come out and charge me.


– A. Nixon, Newton

Estimate for new boiler. We spoke with many heating contractors, and Baker-Elman was the only one to give a truly honest appraisal of our situation, and the only one not trying to over sell us on a system we don’t need. Indeed, at the end of it all, we decided we did not need a new boiler — for now. This is thanks to Baker-Elman’s integrity and thoroughness. We have used them for years for all our plumbing needs and we have found this same high level of professionalism all the time. Highest praise to Baker-Elman.


– D. Stern, Brookline

One of our showers was not getting hot enough water. We hadn’t used it since moving in so we were not aware of the problem until we had guests. David answered the phone and asked me several questions regarding the problem. He explained what can happen with the type of shower control I had and explained the fix it would take. He said he may be able to just adjust it which wouldn’t cost anything except the service call or he may need to replace a part and that would cost around $40. His team was busy the next day so David said he would come out personally and check it out. Within 5 minutes the shower was working great with one minor adjustment. The wonderful thing on top of the excellent service was that he charged me for half of the service fee! It’s so rare these days to have someone actually charge you less! He has a client for life and a personal marketing person.


– D. Paris, Dover

I have used Baker-Elman Plumbing for repairs of small plumbing jobs to renovating our kitchen. David was honest and reliable and the renovation was that much more pleasant because of it.


– Phyllis Z.