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Boston Plumbing Company’s David Elman offers expert insights on frozen pipes: Interview with 7 News

NEWTON, Mass. — The cold temperatures on Monday could mean problems in your home, and one of the biggest – frozen pipes.

The subfreezing temperatures have put one bathroom out of commission in Newton.

?The pipe to the bathtub is frozen, and the drain, so it?s not working,? said the homeowner. ?No bathtub. No shower.?

David Elman of Baker-Elman Plumbing says he?s been responding to multiple frozen pipe calls all day long.

?No heat. No water ? just typical cold weather related issues,? said Elman. ?All because of frozen pipes.?

Elman says this particular pipe froze because it was in an uninsulated part of the house over the garage. He says to help prevent frozen pipes, you can insulate the pipe or the area around it, run a faucet connected to the pipe, and for houses with hot water heat, don?t turn the thermostat down at night.

?Keep it at one temperature through the cold weather because the water will circulate more often and won?t freeze,? said Elman.

But Elman says frozen pipes can?t always be prevented.

?Pray for warm weather would be the only way. In some houses there?s no way to prevent it,? said Elman.

Elman says there is one other thing homeowners can do. If the frozen pipe is inside a cabinet, he suggests that you open the cabinet doors to expose that pipe to warmer air.

Click HERE for a complete footage of the video interview with David Elman.