Phyllis Z

I have used Baker-Elman Plumbing for repairs of small plumbing jobs to renovating our kitchen. David was honest and reliable and the renovation was that much more pleasant because of it.

Dawn 3/1/12

I used?Baker -Elman Plumbing. ?They replaced a toilet, fixed a faucet, and took out the ice maker in the freezer. They also repaired another faucet after I got the part.? They were wonderful! ?They were very responsive about the toilet. ?I was trying to order it, and they took great care to make sure I…

Sheila 5/29/12

Remodeled bedroom to first floor laundry:? Installed plumbing for washer.? Installed electric outlet for dryer.? Installed outside vent for dryer.? Moved washer/dryer from basement to first floor. Superior work, very professional, courteous and respectful.? Estimate matched actual cost.

Peter 5/15/12

The plumber (David)? cleared a drain by opening a trap and snaking it clear.? Not as easy or routine as it sounds.? Over a period of a few years we have had at least 5 plumbers try to clear that same bathtub and sink trap in our upstairs bathroom.? They have all said they could…

Leland Clarke 2/16/2010

Thank you so very much for all of your help and support. We have been very pleased with your work in the past and that is why we used your services again. Thanks so much for your professionalism in helping to bring ?heat? to our second floor at 9 Fawn Circle.