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Boston Plumbing Company introduces Earth-Friendly Plumbing

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious these days and are building homes that are earth-friendly. This initiative extends to plumbing systems as well. Eco-friendly plumbing is often called ? Green plumbing?, as they reduce the environmental footprint of our actions on the planet. Plumbers equipped with these skills are capable of installing many different types of energy saving systems and even appliances in your home. Baker-Elman Plumbing is one such company who is dedicated to practicing green plumbing and they are installers of earth friendly products.

A green plumber usually possesses certificates in several relevant courses to become accredited. This is important to look out for when hiring plumbing services, as it confirms their expertise in the area. Examples of their expertise are in implementing solar powered water heating systems, tanks that collect rainwater, and grey water recycling systems. They should also be knowledgeable about the latest information regarding energy efficient methods in plumbing.

Eco-Friendly Plumbing Projects

Some of the most common earth-friendly plumbing projects for the home are:

?Rainwater Collection ? This can be done by installing a rainwater tank, and it is a great way to take full advantage of this free resource. Gardens are not only pleasing to the eye but they play an important role in preserving oxygen levels in the air. However, they require a lot of water, thus collecting rainwater, especially during dry weather can be especially cost-efficient and green. Moreover, rainwater can be collected in tanks that run through toilets or laundry appliances.

?Solar Powered Water Heating ? The abundant natural energy from the sun?s solar rays are an economical and green way to heat water in a home. These days, they even come with back up systems in case of sun-free periods.

?Grey Water Systems – Grey water refers to used water from certain sources and appliances at home, such as the washing machine and bath. When a Grey Water System is installed, it filters and stores this used water to be re-used later. If the household members use green detergents, it can provide a considerable amount of additional water for use.

Six tips to save water at home

Use these tips to make the most of one of the world?s most valuable resources.

1. Install a dual flush toilet, that uses more or less water as needed

2. Choose showers over baths, as they use less water if you keep them quick

3. Check your plumbing systems regularly to avoid leaks

4. Use plants that are water independent in your garden

5. Install a rainwater tank and use it to water your garden and for other exterior washing needs

6. Tankless water heaters which are 90% efficient and the Eternal water heater are energy efficient and heat the water as needed. The Eternal water heater which is 98% efficient, has a small chamber which holds 2 gallons of water so that you do not experience the hot and cold sandwich effect that are common with the other style tankless heaters.

If you?d like to know more about the information provided above, seek out accredited green plumbers at Boston plumbing, Cambridge plumbing, Somerville plumbing, Arlington plumbing, Belmont plumbing, Brookline plumbing, Jamaica Plain plumbing, Newton plumbing, West Roxbury plumbing or Watertown plumbing for additional advice and guidance on making your home more green.

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How To Solve Leakage Problems in your Plumbing System

One of the most costly systems in a home or any building for that matter is the plumbing system. A small damage can easily snowball into a very expensive affair, and therefore, it is absolutely essential to constantly check the plumbing system. By hiring competent and skillful Watertown plumbers like Baker Elman Plumbing to attend to your plumbing needs on a consistent basis, you will save yourself the expense of future plumbing damages which might cost you thousands of dollars. Thus, it is advisable to make time to check your plumbing system at least once a month. As soon as you see a leak, take immediate action by calling plumbers in your area such as West Roxbury Plumbers!

But how do you detect a leak? In a copper pipe, you will first see a small white circle around the leak. In the beginning it may not cause a big problem, but this can very soon grow out of hand.

Remember to check the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen. Clear out everything from beneath them and check the pipes. Moreover, many people store cleaners and other things underneath the pipes. While handy, the cold temperate and moisture in these bottles can attract mold and pests. Some of the hard bottles and objects can accidentally knock your pipes and cause damage. Thus, Newton plumbing advise you to avoid using the space underneath sinks to store things.

After checking the pipes, you should take a look at the valves around your home. If they feel tight, and are difficult to close, do not push or pull too hard as they might break. Instead, call Watertown plumbers to help you replace and fix these valves.

The final step is to turn off the taps and check your water meter. Generally, the meter should not be moving, but if it is, then it could suggest the presence of a leak. Call West Roxbury plumbing to aid you in looking for these leaks as they may be anywhere. The leak could be underground, from the faucets or the tanks. Call Newton plumbing, Watertown plumbing, West Roxbury plumbing or Jamaica Plain plumbing when you have these problems. Do not try to handle these issues yourself as a little mistake can end up costing you dearly.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So before you have a huge plumbing problem on your hands, seek out warning signs in advance by thoroughly checking your system ever so often.

For more information as assistance call Watertown plumbing, West Roxbury plumbing, Newton plumbing, Jamaica Plain plumbing, Brookline plumbing, Belmont plumbing, Arlington plumbing, Somerville plumbing, Cambridge plumbing or Boston plumbing at 617.244.6500 or visit now!

June 1, 2010   Comments Off on How To Solve Leakage Problems in your Plumbing System