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As far as the early replacement of your 30 year old gas boiler, you would have to request an assessment

before August 31, 2015 from and the equipment will have to be installed by October 30,

2015 for you to be eligible for this program. This program helps defer the cost of upgrading your

heating system. If you are considering the early replacement of your boiler you can go onto the website and click on Rebates and Incentives tab where you can find information on the

programs they offer. While you are in the website there is an area where they talk about

a HEAT loan program at 0% financing. Click on that tab and there will be information about the

financing programs to help cover the costs of installation.

If you would like to set up an appointment for one of our estimators to come out and talk about the

conversion or early replacement of your boiler please feel free to call our office we would be happy to

help. We can be reached at 617-244-6500. We look forward to hearing from you.