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Gas lines for fireplaces

Warm and cozy for a cold winters day.

Warm and cozy for a cold winters day.

November 20, 2018   Comments Off on Gas lines for fireplaces

Bathroom renovation

Not only is the tub beautiful, but so inviting!

Not only is the tub beautiful, but so inviting!

Who wouldn't want to climb into this beautiful shower area?

Who wouldn’t want to climb into this beautiful shower area?

These beautiful glass sinks not only look pretty but are a wonderful finish

These beautiful glass sinks not only look pretty but are a wonderful finish

December 21, 2015   Comments Off on Bathroom renovation


As far as the early replacement of your 30 year old gas boiler, you would have to request an assessment

before August 31, 2015 from and the equipment will have to be installed by October 30,

2015 for you to be eligible for this program. This program helps defer the cost of upgrading your

heating system. If you are considering the early replacement of your boiler you can go onto the website and click on Rebates and Incentives tab where you can find information on the

programs they offer. While you are in the website there is an area where they talk about

a HEAT loan program at 0% financing. Click on that tab and there will be information about the

financing programs to help cover the costs of installation.

If you would like to set up an appointment for one of our estimators to come out and talk about the

conversion or early replacement of your boiler please feel free to call our office we would be happy to

help. We can be reached at 617-244-6500. We look forward to hearing from you.

August 2, 2015   Comments Off on EARLY REPLACEMENT BOILERS (GAS TO GAS ONLY)

Oil to Gas Conversions


Oil to gas conversions are a way to save money on your heating bills for your home and help the

environment. The way the program works is, if you live in the area serviced by National Grid you are

able to purchase the boiler directly through National Grid with our help. By purchasing the boiler

through this program there is a savings on the cost vs purchasing a boiler through a heating contractor.

The homeowner is responsible for the cost of the installation and would require one of our estimators

to come to your home to analyze and inspect your current heating system. This would enable us to

provide you with an estimate and discuss the possible options that you might have. Also,

has a heat loan program for 0% interest. Please look at their website for more information.

August 2, 2015   Comments Off on Oil to Gas Conversions

Start your boilers!!!

The weather is quickly changing and it is a good time to take stock in your winter life in Massachusetts with the cold on its way.? You could start up your boilers and make sure that they are working before the cold sets in.? It wouldn’t be fun to find out that your circulators are not working and your heat doesn’t come up when you want it.? Steam boilers require different maintenance than water boilers.? Steam boilers can knock and bang verses a water boiler where you might hear water rushing through the lines.? Having your system checked and cleaned can help with the different types of noises to make it a quieter system.? A great time to service your system is in the fall so it is ready to go for the cold winter. New boiler installation

September 18, 2014   Comments Off on Start your boilers!!!

Winterizing your outside sillcocks

Once the summer has past and you are getting ready to winterize your home…one thing that can commonly be missed is the winterization of your outside sillcocks.? Sometimes people to turn off their sillcocks and drain them down before we have a winter freeze.? If you miss?making?sure they are drained?out it?can lead to a potential water problem should they defrost and have split without you even realizing that it happened.? Make sure that if you have a shut off inside your home you shut it off and turn on the outside sillcock to make sure it has drained out so that this won’t happen to you.




September 8, 2014   Comments Off on Winterizing your outside sillcocks

Heating Season is approaching!

We all know that we don’t want to think about the cold weather to come…but you should try to remember that the fall is the best time to service your heating system for the winter months.? No one wants to find out that their heating system has a problem when the temps are falling and the house is getting cold.? Not all of us have experienced no heat but it really stinks when it is 15 degrees outside and your heating system goes on the fritz.? We recommend that you have your heating system checked before you find yourself shivering and waiting for the technician to come an help you out!

Boiler and Super Stor

Boiler and Super Stor

September 8, 2014   Comments Off on Heating Season is approaching!

Touchless Flush

Touchless Flush 1Touchless Flush

Well….Kohler has come up with a new way to use your toilet without having to touch the handle.? Touchless Flush is a new device that works on certain Kohler toilets.?Upgrade your toilet to a no-touch flush. This easy-to-install retrofit kit brings a KOHLER touchless flush to almost any toilet. Once it’s installed, just hold your hand over the tank sensor to activate the flush. No handle to touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind.

August 12, 2014   Comments Off on Touchless Flush

Fall is approaching!!!

Of course this is a subject we don’t want to talk about in August….but the reality is that Fall is approaching sooner than we would like.? If you are thinking of converting your home from oil to gas this is the time to be working on that conversion.? The gas company gets overwhelmed with running new gas?services into peoples home and can only do it until the ground starts to freeze.? So if you are looking to make that kind of change it would be in your best interest to have a home energy audit and see if you qualify for a low interest loan from Mass Saves and then decide it this would work for you.? You can contact them via the web at

If you?already have gas heat in your home and are interested in upgrading your heating system, National Grid is currently running a program called Early Replacement, this is if your current gas boiler is 30 years old or older you can get up to $3,500.00 rebate.? You would need to check with National Grid for more details.? This is for a limited time only.

August 12, 2014   Comments Off on Fall is approaching!!!

Watts IntelliFlow

There are ways to prevent?catastrophic?water damage from your washing machine.? If you have an automatic shut off valve,?and??the hose or hoses break?when you are not home, the Watts IntelliFlow will shut off your water so that the water will not continue to flow and cause you major flooding anywhere in your home.? The shut off can be installed on new construction as well as existing laundry boxes. These can be installed on washing machine valves that are already in a wall box as well as ones on the outside of the wall.? The following is a picture of the basic shut off. ? ? ? Protect your home or business with the IntelliFlow? automatic washing machine shutoff valve and enjoy peace of mind.

April 17, 2014   Comments Off on Watts IntelliFlow