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Rock out in the shower!!!!

There is a new fun showerhead that is on the market called the Moxie….it is so cool.? You replace your showerhead with the Moxie and? load on your favorite music and listen to the music while showering….people love it!? It comes in white and chrome. Call our office for more details.

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Phyllis Z

I have used Baker-Elman Plumbing for repairs of small plumbing jobs to renovating our kitchen. David was honest and reliable and the renovation was that much more pleasant because of it.

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Prepare your outdoor spigot (faucet) for the winter months

It is very important to drain out your spigot (faucet) properly. Otherwise, you could be in for a big mess! If you have an inside shut off for the faucet, be sure you use it and turn the outside spigot (faucet) on to drain out the remainder of the water that is in the line.

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Bidet vs. Washlet

Sometimes it is impossible to add a bidet in your current bathroom. An alternative is a washlet which is easy to install and gives you all the benefits of a bidet. Kohler and Toto are two manufacturers that offer the washlets.


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Heating Season is approaching!

Heating season is approaching quickly. It is always smart to be proactive and have your boiler cleaned and serviced before you are faced with no heat on a cold day.

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Boiler Installation

Clean boiler installation

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Floodmasters for leaking water heaters

We install a product known as Floodmaster for water heaters.? The units are installed on the water line that feeds the water heater and then a sensor is put on the floor next to the water heater in a pan.? If the sensor gets wet it automatically shuts the valve off to the water that feeds the heater not allowing the continuous filling of the water heater.? The water heater will continue to leak until the water is out of the heater, but it will not continue to feed the heater never allowing the flow to stop.? Many times people are not at home and this is a way of, at least, minimizing the damage.? We try to recommend this to people who are installing a new heater rather than ones that are already installed.? In order to install one you would have to drain down the old heater, remove it and then re-install it.? The older the heater the possibility it could cause a problem for the heater so we recommend doing it when you are replacing the heater.? These units can be used repeatedly so if you happen to have another heater leak it can be reprogrammed again.

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Irrigation Systems

As you are getting ready to turn on your sprinkler systems for the upcoming season.? Make sure you look at the backflow preventer.? Backflow preventer can split and cause leaks and need to be repaired or replaced in order for them to work correctly.? Also, check around the inside of the house to make sure no water lines have a leak that you are unaware of.

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Spring has finally arrived!

Outside sillcocks?or hose faucets can have suffered a break due to the cold weather of this past winter.? Usually it happens if they have not been drained and shut off properly for the winter months.? So when you turn your water back on you can experience due so carefully to make sure nothing has split and it will not cause a flood.

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George 05/07/2011

Thanks Baker-Elman, you are the best. That tankless water heater is just great. And gave us back so much space.

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