Owner, David Elman

David was raised in Newton and has been involved in his family business since he was a young boy. David’s dad and uncle ran the business, after the passing of his father he became the owner with his uncle. For the past 20 years, he and his wife Sheryl have taken over the reins and worked very hard to maintain his family’s good name. Our goal has been, and always will be, to make our customers comfortable and to make sure they understand what is happening before we go to their home.

Owner, Sheryl Elman

Sheryl was raised in Hull, MA. She and David have been married for 40 years. Sheryl became part of the business 20 years ago when David became the sole owner of the business. Sheryl runs the office with professionalism and is always there to help you figure out what your service or renovations needs are. She will help direct you through any purchases that you might want to make .

Steve Lamb, Manager

Steve Lamb has been part of the Baker-Elman team for many years. Steve has recently taken on the role of service manager, with his experience and knowledge, we believe this will help guide him to accommodate the service needs of our customers. Steve has worked with old plumbing and new plumbing which is a tremendous asset to our team. He will work hard to preserve your home before trying to renovate which is something that everyone on our team strives for.

Office Staff

Susan has years of experience in the plumbing industry. She is able to understand what the customer is looking for and is able to guide our customers to help make decisions for their plumbing needs. Also, Susan has many contacts that will help find parts needed for repairs instead of the customer going out to purchase something new when it can be repaired.

Lisa, has been in our office for three years. She has knowledge and common sense which has been a great asset to our company. Prior to coming to work for us, Lisa worked locally in another company for 20 years. We worked with her in her prior position and feel confident that she can help with any of your issues as they arise.


John Carey team member for 11 years

John Lamb team member for 12 years

Kenneth Lewis team member for 12 years

Andrew Baker team member for 7 years

Frank Fitch team member for 6 years

Conor O’Shaughnesy member for 2 years

Steve Hewins team member for 3 years as an apprentice

Andrew Guiou team member for 4 years as an apprentice

Zachary Jardim team member for 1 year as an apprentice

Dave Dejarden team member for 1 months

Luke Munier team member for 10 months as an apprentice

Smith Lorte team member for 6 months as an apprentice